Daniel Kremer grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While residing in Philadelphia, he wrote and directed many films of both short and feature-length. The black-and-white super-16mm feature-length narrative A Trip to Swadades and the autobiographical documentary short subject Yarns To Be Spun on the Way to the Happy Home have been screened in international film festivals and across the country, and both have won many awards (including a Best Feature Film prize, the Motion Picture Award and three Best Documentary prizes, respectively). His 2011 feature film The Idiotmaker's Gravity Tour was hailed by independent film icon Rob Nilsson as "a no-budget do-it-yourself excursion to India from a filmmaker of considerable enterprise and admirable aplomb." He is currently in post-production on his third feature, A Simple Game of Catch, is in post-production on both his fourth and fifth features, Ezer Kenegdo (co-directed by Deniz Demirer) and Raise Your Kids on Seltzer. He currently resides in the New York City and works as a freelance editor, cinematographer, screenwriter and filmmaker. For more information about his films, click on the above graphic.
John Gross has written and directed three feature films and a great many short films. Having spent years in Kenya and South Africa, Gross has had a singular wealth of experience which he has invested in his work. He is an alumnus of Temple University's Film and Media Arts program and lives in Philadelphia, where he runs the production company Mt. Carmel Films. His 2011 film The Wind Blows Where It Wishes was screened to accolades on August 18, 2011. He is in post-production on his latest feature The Oresteia. For more information about his films, click on the above graphic.
Ephraim Asili attends Bard College's MFA program with a focus in film and experimental video production. His award-winning experimental documentary film Points on a Space about the Sun Ra Solar Arkestra, was picked up for DVD distribution. He is the winner of many other awards, including Best Experimental Film for his short entitled Movie Tote (2007), and his work has been shown at many venues, universities and museums. For more information about his films, click on the above graphic.